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3D scanning

Photogrammetry is a fast, accurate and effective method of getting 3D scans, including those of terrains, buildings and other objects. 3D models are generated from data gained by calibrated cameras and laser scanners. Thanks to aerial photography, it is possible to create photorealistic models with a centimetre accuracy and an area of several square kilometres.

Digital object reconstructions can be used in architecture, civil engineering, agriculture as well as in film industry and promotion purposes. Data gained by this technology enable us to create high quality orthophotomaps, DTM and DSM models. 3D models are valuable for documentation of both - historical buildings and new constructions; for analysis, energetic calculations, simulations or even measuring of volumes or areas.

Optimisation | 3D visualisation

We bring your ideas to life

Detailed data created by the technology of photogrammetry have a vast number of applications. To process them further or publish them online, optimisation of objects within a scene is crucial according to specific intentions (model simplification, polygon reduction, removal or adding of objects to a final scene). This process is suited individually to the needs of each and every client.

Optimised models are ideal data for development projects, promotion, film industry, interactive 3D presentations, photorealistic visualisations and animations or your model can even be brought to life in a form of educational game.

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Aerial photography, interactive 360° panoramas and film

Overhead deals with surface digitalisation enriched by your visions and ideas

We are using the technology of photogrammetry to transfer scanned terrain or object into virtual reality in the form of a 3D model with centimetre accuracy. Combining photogrammetry and geodetic measurements, we create detailed digital models of terrain (DTM - Digital Terrain Model) and DSM(Digital Surface Model)

We generate photorealistic models for project visualistions, presentations and simulations of various kinds. Publishing of optimised 3D models on a very own online platform is also offered.